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“Maina Njenga Recruited Me Into Mungiki Sect” Prezzo Confesses 

Prezzo has revealed that he secretly served as a member of Mungiki for 9 years.

The rapper opened up about his involvement with the once-dreaded criminal sect while speaking during an interview with a local publisher.

In the interview, Prezzo disclosed that former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga recruited him through his brother.

“I received a call from his brother, Andrew, saying Chairman Maina Njenga would like to meet you. I asked why, and he replied, ‘Come to Karen; everything is ready for you.’

“I was depressed during that period. I confided in my bodyguards, and one of them said, ‘Let’s go; how are you going to win if you don’t play?” Prezzo recounted.

The rapper said he was offered the position of youth leader which he accepted despite having his reservations.

“So, we ventured to Karen, and Maina Njenga had this movement. He needed me to be the youth leader of the Mungiki-like movement, and who am I to say no,” he said.

Prezzo said he served as Mungiki youth leader for nine years before the government heavy-handedly reined in the sect.

“He entrusted me with responsibilities, and I served in that capacity for nine years. After our initial meeting, we proceeded to Limuru, where the police were alerted to our presence and dispersed us with tear gas,” Prezzo said,

The dreaded Mungiki sect wreaked havoc in sections of Nairobi, Central and Rift valley, with residents living in fear.

The group was neutralized by late Internal Security Minister John Michuki who waged a serious war on the group.


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