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Loise Kim Responds To Broke Man Who Hit On Her After She Complained About Love

Gospel singer Loise Kim has been single ever since she broke up with her husband and she is missing love a lot.

Loise Kim took to Facebook to talk about love as she enjoyed herself on the beaches of Mombasa.

The gospel singer wondered why love fades away, noting that love is usually sweet at the beginning of a marriage or a relationship.

Facebook user Franco Kamau was quick to hit on Loise Kim after she appeared to be missing love.

Kamau told her that if she didn’t know where that love goes she should try and love him the way he is even though he had nothing.

Loise replied to Kamau saying that everyone should wash themselves first and nobody is entitled to wash someone after they get in love.

She meant that nobody has the role of taking care of someone else financially and he should therefore put some value on himself.



Speaking in a past interview on YouTube channel ‘Itugi ria muturire’ (Pillar of life), Loise Kim opened up about her love life.

“I was raised by a Christian family but I slipped at the end of high school. At the age of 19, I got pregnant and it was very frustrating since even my pastor rejected me,” she said.

Loise added that her baby daddy did not visit her even after giving birth.

One year after giving birth, Loise was enrolled in college for secretarial studies. She met the man again and recalled their love. She got married to him and bore a second born child.

“I spent seven years in that marriage peacefully and as a family, we thought of a way we would help my husband get greener pastures,” she said.

However, trouble started after her husband moved to the UK to seek greener pastures.

“Things changed when he started receiving phone calls that I had done this and that. I would also get calls that he has done this and that. Hatred started growing, disagreements, insults,” she said.

Loise said she was faithful and loved her husband as she wanted their marriage to work.

“Unfortunately, we became enemies to an extent of him neglecting me. We stopped talking and I realised my kid’s life and mine depended on me,” she narrated.

Loise Kim, who was then working as a businesswoman at Gikomba market, said she had to stand firm and make sure her children go to school.

After venturing into the music industry, Loise decided to even sing in clubs to make sure her children got the best life and the best education.

“I talked to my mum and explained to her I would be performing in clubs as my mission was to make money and support my family. I have been down but through prayers and hard work, I am okay even without a husband.”

Loise admits she messed up her marriage, adding that she would never want any other person to go through what she went through.

“Your family is your cocoon that you run to when you have a problem. I miss that,” she said.

“Her advice to fellow musicians is to spend wisely and never forget to save for your tomorrow.”


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