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Late Rugby Coach Benjamin Ayimba’s Widow Gloria Moraa Confesses To Having Affairs With Married Men

Former Tahidi High actress Gloria Moraa, who was married as 4th wife to Ayimba, does not mind being a side chick to married men.

In a post seen by, Moraa warned that people should not be scared or shocked if another woman found her with their man.

In a November 10, 2023, statement, the former Tahidi High actress said she wants to date married men as a form of retribution for her having gone through the same drama.

Moraa claimed she got getting married young and that an older woman eloped with her husband.

“I was first married at 19, a naïve thing to a 27-year-old then. My marriage lasted for 7 years with two kids. Kuna kitu moja tu sitawai sahau. There was a woman who was called Lucy, who was waaay older than me that made me cry uuuwiiii waaaiiiii waaaaaiiii.

“Yaani alikuwa anakuja shop yangu na ananiita girl,na anakujia bwana yangu wanaenda sijui wapi. When I hear the name Lucy, bado namkumbuka vile alinililisha kwa ndoa kushinda wale wengine 56.

Sai ukinipata na gaidi yako hata siwezi stuka,ntakwambia tu  “cool down young girl”….coz Lucy taught me better…..#gaidimkuu,” Moraa narrated.

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke eloped with the late rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba after her first marriage hit rock bottom because of the woman who took her husband.

The former Tahidi High actress was blessed with two children from her first marriage – Ethan Omari and Hawi Nyakundi.

Moraa got married to the late Ayimba as his fourth wife in 2012 and together they were blessed with two children – Achieng Marie and Otieno Benjie.

Nyaboke and her late husband Ayimba lived together for 7 years until 2018 when she dragged him to court.

In the court papers, she accused the former Kenya 7s Rugby coach of moving out of their matrimonial home and also failing to pay upkeep of their two children.

On 22nd May 2021, Ayimba died from Cerebral Malaria. Moraa raised eyebrows as she shared their bedroom moment while eulogizing her baby daddy.

There was drama during Ayimba’s funeral as the family of the late rugby coach barred Moraa from accessing the ceremony.

In a post on Instagram, Moraa’s friend actress Sandra Dacha claimed that police had been instructed by Ayimba’s sisters to stop the children and their mother from attending the funeral.

“You bring a whole police force from Siaya to come to bar her from burying her baby daddy? Huyu msichana mmoja? Toxic sisters in law,” Sandra Dacha wrote.

“Their only mistake was to come to bury their father Benjamin Ayimba. The way they’ve been treated my God! I don’t care how I have been treated but I care about how they treated these young superstars Sasa Mnabagua watoto na ni DAMU MOJA @nyabokemoraa Toxic sisters in law,” she added in another post.

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