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Kush Tracey Recalls How She Experimented With Injections, Pills, Powders While Bleaching Her Entire Body 

“I could have bought land with the money I used for bleaching” Kush Tracey regrets.

Kush Tracey bleached her body from top to bottom but her stubborn black color still came back.

The rapper-turned-media personality first opened up about her bleaching addiction in October 2023, revealing how she used all sorts of skin lightening creams in her early 20s.

Speaking during a recent interview with Massawe Japanni, Kush Tracey revealed that she used as much as Ksh1.6 million in bleaching herself.

Kush Tracey said she wasted money experimenting with injections, pills, powders, and a myriad of other methods to bleach her skin.

“I bought a package worth 40K after I left it in the car and went to the club with my friends. I had left the package in the car when it was broken into. I went back bought again and started bleaching again,” she recalled.

Kush Tracey noted that she spent Ksh45,000 per month for three years, totaling over Ksh1.6 million.

The rapper regretted that she could have bought land with the money she wasted in her quest for lighter skin.

“The amount I used, I would have bought a shamba,” she said.

The toll on her physical well-being became apparent as she spoke about experiencing varicose veins and avoiding sun exposure because her skin felt as delicate as paper.

“For the powder I would take it via my mouth. I went on an escapade on a trial and error as I was not patient enough to wait for results. I had vericose veins, I couldn’t stay under the sun because my skin felt like paper,” Kush Tracey said.

However, the turning point in Tracey’s story came when she questioned the motives behind her actions.

Realizing that she was chasing an idealized standard of beauty that wasn’t aligned with her true self, she made a conscious decision to stop bleaching.


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