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“Kulaneni Tu” Diana Marua Reacts As Bahati Rubs His Msolokombo On Her

“Bahati and Diana Marua nyanduaneni sasa! Kulaneni tuone, tususu ni twenyu!” Netizens say.

Kenyan music sensation Bahati, has been a prominent figure in the Kenyan music scene for years. His early fame was built upon his gospel music, which resonated with a large audience, particularly due to its uplifting and spiritually enriching content.

However, in recent times, Bahati made a significant shift from gospel to secular music, a decision that has sparked a heated debate among Kenyans.

Bahati’s decision to venture into secular music came as a surprise to many of his longtime fans. For years, he had been a symbol of inspiration for his gospel tracks, delivering songs that touched the hearts of millions.

He expressed a desire to explore other genres and connect with a broader audience, after he was allegedly fought in gospel music circles, a move that stirred mixed reactions.

Many fans argue that his content has drastically deteriorated since the transition, and a recent bedroom video featuring Bahati and his wife Diana Marua has only added fuel to the fire.

In a video on Instagram, featuring his wife Diana Marua, the couple acted out a bedroom scene that has caused a significant uproar among netizens.

The video portrays a scene where Bahati rubs his “msolokombo” on Diana’s behinds while she is sleeping. The scene is undoubtedly suggestive and has left fans both shocked, feeling sorry for the videographer and disappointed.

A large section of fans has expressed disappointment and concern, claiming that the couple’s recent content is not only shameful to their faith but also sets a questionable example for younger audiences.

They fear that this shift in content is just the beginning and worry that things may get worse in the future of the former aspiring Mathare MP and his wife.


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