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Kiss FM Desperate To Boost Numbers Stage Eric Omondi And Obinna’s Fight  

Kiss FM having just lost Kamene Goro decided to engage in dangerous antics to promote new host Kwambox.

The station staged a fight between host Obinna and Eric Omondi who was being interviewed.

Obinna questioned Eric’s weird and feminine dress code as well as his sexuality. He urged him to be open about his sexual orientation instead of hiding in the closet.

“Listen Eric, if you have a point to prove just come out is is a safe space. Stop hiding in a hole and people already know you are out there, just come out and tell people guys I am fluid or I am like this. Anavaa thong, anavaa wig,” Obinna said as Eric shot up and attacked him.

Eric pounced on Obinna and a scuffle ensued as bodyguards, who were in the studio, tried hard to separate the duo.

Former Kiss FM Presenter Slams The Station For Using Eric Omondi To Sell Homosexual Agenda 

The bodyguards managed to pull Eric out of the studio but Obinna kept going after him.

Why were there bodyguards in the studio? Would Obinna violate code of conduct at work and cause havoc at his work place and the top bosses just let him be?

Video clearly shows Obinna going after Eric Omondi even after they are separated.


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The whole drama was clearly staged to get people talking about what happened at Kiss FM studio.

The aim is to promote the morning show after Kamene Goro left. People are not familiar with the new host Kwambox but with Obinna and Eric Omondi fighting boom…. Kiss FM just got people talking.

It’s quite disturbing to see a whole radio station stooping low to engaged in clout-chasing antics.



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