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“Nipee Mimba Nitalea” Hot Kenyan Lady Begs KRG To Impregnate Her

“KRG nataka mbegu tu, I’m single, I have my own money, njoo mambo yachemke,” Claris begs.

Claris, a Kenyan woman, has joined the extensive roster of ladies who have developed a crush on Kenyan dancehall artist Krg the Don. Besides his millionaire status, Krg’s attractive appearance has captivated the hearts of numerous women, leading them to fall head over heels in love with him.

Claris openly expressed her long-standing infatuation with Krg The Don, a dancehall artist. She described him as the man of her dreams and revealed that her sole desire from him at the moment is to have a baby.

She has publicly declared her readiness to conceive a child with Krg The Don. She emphasized that she did not even want Krg to be her husband; all she desired were his sperm.

KRG the DON (2)Claris believes that Krg has beautiful children, and it is her aspiration to bear a child with him, confident that the baby would be adorable.

In the midst of the interview, Vincent Mboya felt compelled to call Krg live on camera. Krg was taken aback upon hearing Claris’ request. He stated that he was not prepared to become a father again.

krg kidsKrg bragged that his children were born into wealth. He conveyed to Claris that it was not feasible for her request to be fulfilled. Claris defended herself by claiming that she was also wealthy and capable of providing the child with an extravagant lifestyle. However, Krg remained steadfast in his decision, stating that he already had enough children.

The conversation between the two remained amicable, and Krg assured Claris that he would discuss the matter with his girlfriend to see if they could meet. However, he made it clear that having a child with her was where he drew the line.

“You are handsome, and I love you, mtoto pekee yake ndio nataka, fanya mambo yachemke, mbegu tu,” the daring lady begs.

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