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Karen Nyamu Says She Dreams Of Samidoh Paying Her Dowry One Day

Karen Nyamu has shed light on the potential future of her relationship with musician Samidoh.

Nyamu reveal that Samidoh has not yet expressed plans to officially pay her dowry, but she dreams that some day it will happen.

“I can say that I dream of him paying dowry for me one day. I cherish his companionship and our everyday life. As for plans, I can’t provide a definitive answer at this moment,” Nyamu disclosed, hinting at the uncertainty surrounding their future together.

She emphasized her preference for living life as it unfolds, refraining from setting concrete plans.

Addressing the challenges of being in the public eye, Nyamu says her resilience against criticism and negativity is what keeps her moving as she doesn’t care what naysayers say.

As one of the most discussed individuals in Kenya, she remains unfazed by trolls. “I don’t let trolls get to me. I go about my business and allow people to express themselves,” she says.

Nyamu went further by disclosing her social media approach, emphasizing a no-blocking policy on her platforms.

This is because she loves people to have an open dialogue and allowing them to freely express their opinions, even if they differ from her own.

Karen Nyamu has on many time been accused of stealing Samidoh from his legal wife Edday Nderitu.

After their love affair became public, Edday relocated to the US with her kids saying she did it for her kids as well as mental health. She also claimed sharing her man was not possible. Since then, netizens have been calling Karen Nyamu all sort of names including a home wrecker.


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