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Karen Nyamu Reveals Why She Won’t Let Samidoh Go Back To His Wife And Kids

“Fukuza Samidoh kwako sababu ni bwana wa wenyewe arudi kwa bibi na watoto,” A netizen asked Karen Nyamu.

Karen Nyamu has responded to a comment urging her to let Samidoh Muchoki, the popular mugithi musician and her love interest, return to his wife and children.

Karen, who is known for her strong-willed character, firmly rejected the suggestion, claiming that there is nobody at Samidoh’s home.

While Karen’s relationship with Samidoh has garnered attention and sparked controversy due to his marital status, Karen remains steadfast in her stance.

Despite Samidoh being married to Eddy Nderitu and having three children with her, he has also fathered two children with Karen Nyamu, and their affection for each other is evident.

The affair between Samidoh and Karen has seemingly caused tension with Eddy Nderitu, who is currently residing in the United States with their children.

In Eddy’s absence, Karen and Samidoh have been spotted together on various occasions, often sharing their moments on social media.

Recently, Karen took to her official Instagram page to post a picture from a cow shed, which Samidoh had also posted.

The netizen said, “Ufukuze Samidoh kwako sababu ni bwana wa wenyewe arudi kwa bibi na watoto” (Chase away Samidoh from your home so that he can return to his wife and children).

In response to ther follower’s comment, suggesting that Karen should let Samidoh go back to his wife and children as they are undoubtedly missing their father, Karen firmly defended her position.

KAREN-NYAMU-refused-to-let-samidoh-goShe stated that there is nobody at Samidoh’s home, implying that there is no reason for him to return, “Huko hakuna mtu!”

Karen Nyamu has been actively involved in Samidoh’s life, recently spending quality time with him at his brother’s graduation party and on his expansive farm.

Meanwhile, Eddy Nderitu remains prayerful while enjoying her life in the United States with her children.

The love triangle involving Karen, Samidoh, and Eddy has become a subject of intense public scrutiny, with opinions divided on the matter.

While some may criticize Karen for her involvement with a married man, others sympathize with her love for Samidoh.

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