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Jamal Rohosafi Undergoes Hair Transplant Surgery In Turkey (Photos)

Jamal ‘Rohosafi’ Marlow flew to Istanbul, Turkey for a second cosmetic surgery to spice up his look.

The businessman, who is bald-headed (kipara), opted to undergo hair transplant to boost his confidence and appearance.

Jamal shared photos of his trip to Turkey to undergo the hair transplant surgery.

Turkey is the most preferred destination for cosmetic surgeries because the cost is cheaper there compared to other countries.

If you want to get a hair transplant in Turkey, you need a budget between $2,500/Ksh366,108 and $7,500/Ksh1,098,324 which covers your accommodation and transportation charges.

In other countries, hair transplant surgery might cost between $8,000/Ksh1.1 million and $30,000/Ksh4.3 million.

It’s the second time Jamal is undergoing hair transplant procedure.

We only got to know that the business underwent the procedure a while back when he was quarrelling with his ex-wife Amira.

News of Jamal’s hair transplant procedure was first brought to light in March this year when the two were mercilessly trolling each other online, as part of their usual theatrics.

During that time, Jamal slammed Amira saying she underwent weight loss surgery in Turkey and that she had a health condition that could not allow her to get pregnant.

Amira on her part hit back at Jamal saying he had gone for the hair transplant procedure in Turkey, sharing before surgery and after surgery photos of the flamboyant businessman.

“Anga Amira went to Turkey for surgery…She was disabled…Ehe, what of your hairline? Why did you get your hair transplant done? To boost your self-esteem? Again with the double standards” Amira captioned her post.

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