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“I Got The Man I Want” Frida Kajala Finds Love Months After Partying Ways With Harmonize

Nearly a year after calling it quits with Harmonize, Fridah Kajala is once again in love.

The mother of one shared her joy via Insta Story.

Her posts was simple and clear; “I got the man I want. I am happy.”

The mother of one also chose not to drop a hint on who the lucky man is.

This however comes at a time when dust is yet to settle on her much publicised relationship with the Bongo singer.

The two have been blaming each other for their failed relationship from time to time and Kajala and her daughter’s Paula reality show made matters worse.

During their interaction in the show, Harmonize’s name has found its way in their mouths and he he has retaliated airing their dirty linen in public.

A while back, Harmonize came out to reveal why he ended things with Kajala. According to him, Kajala was cheating on her.

“A man was texting her, and she started going crazy on me like she wanted to fight me, and I said, no, I don’t want to fight you because I don’t fight women. I told her, ‘take your phone’,” Harmonize opened up in May.

Despite their differences, he never repossessed the Range Rover that he bought Kajala while wooing her to get back with him. Harmonize separately said that he finished paying for the car not long ago.

While giving her side of the breakup, Kajala said that she realized Harmonize is a young man who needed space to live his life.

“Shit happens, when someone is so used to you, he takes you easily. I don’t blame him, he is a young man maybe he needed space, we were too close. At first he thought I was joking when I said I wanted to be with him 24/7, he needed his space to do his own things,” the actress said in April during an interview with Willy Tuva.

At the time, she also revealed that she was dating a Kenyan politician.

“I moved on. I have someone who hails from Kenya. I am not joking. He is known, he is a politician I can not mention him,” she said.






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