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“He’s Strict, But I Love It” Betty Kyallo Spills the Tea on Her Mysterious Luhya Boyfriend 

Celebrated media personality and entrepreneur, Betty Kyallo, has opened up about her new relationship, sharing that her new partner is quite strict.

The TV47 news anchor took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to candidly discuss a recent experience where her boyfriend prevented her from going out to party.

In one of her posts, Kyallo shared that she had planned to enjoy a night out, but her boyfriend had other plans. He insisted they go home instead.

“He’s like it’s time to go home 😂😂😂. Mimi niko like lazima itanibamba vimeja 😂,” she captioned a video of herself grooving to Flexx’s hit song ‘Amejibeba’ while in a car.


Respecting his wishes, Kyallo accompanied her boyfriend back home.

She later posted another video, explaining his reasoning. According to her, he was concerned she might embarrass herself if she went out.

“Honestly ladies, why can’t guys just know that we want to have a little bit of fun? Number 1, twende nyumbani. Ati ‘I don’t want you kuchoma, I’m just like sichomi’,” Kyallo said.

Despite his strictness, Kyallo expressed appreciation for her boyfriend’s concern and firmness.

She acknowledged that she has a spirited personality that can be challenging to manage.

“Now we home 😭 wanted to dance a lil 😅 but I love a strict man because I’m dynamite 🥵🥵. So I abide,” she added.


Kyallo, who is known for her vibrant and outgoing nature, appears to value the balance her partner brings to her life.

Her openness about the dynamics of their relationship offers a glimpse into the personal life of one of Kenya’s most popular media figures.

Betty Kyallo, a mother of one, continues to captivate her audience with her transparency and relatable content. Her latest revelation adds another layer to her public persona, showing that even media stars navigate the complexities of relationships.

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