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Georgina Njenga Parties Like A Wild Cat, Smokes Shisha In A Club

Georgina Njenga is partying hard after breaking up with Tyler Mbaya aka Baha.

The mother of one raised eyebrows when she turned up at a club wearing torn jeans.

It was however her smoking habit that raised eyebrows and set tongues wagging.

Georgina was smoking shisha like a factory chimney in a video that has been widely circulated on social media.

Georgina’s outing comes just days after she introduced her new boyfriend following her breakup with Tyler Mbaya.

Njenga announced she was dating another man while revealing that she broke up with her baby daddy Tyler Mbaya.

The mother of one opened up about her relationship during an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) session with her fans on Instagram.

“Are you and Tyler Mbaya still together?” A fan asked Georgina.

“No… We broke up,” she answered.

“Just being concerned, mko sawa na Baha?” Another fan asked.

In a quick rejoinder, Georgina insisted that she broke up with Mbaya and that she was currently dating another man.

“A lot of you guys are asking this question. This is the last time am gonna answer. We broke up, am in a new relationship with my new man!” She said.

After revealing she was dating again, Georgina took to social media to reveal that she had gotten a tattoo of her new boyfriend.


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