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Gay Driver Gets Dog’s Beating After Soiling Hotel’s Bedding With Faeces While Sleeping With Form 2 Male Student (Video)

A gay s3x predator was busted devouring the bum of a form two student in a lodging.

An angry crowd forced their way into the hotel room after getting wind that a notorious bum devourer was in the lodging with a schoolboy.

The irate crowd armed with all manner of crude weapons descended on the gay driver only identified as Rashid once they forced their way into the hotel room.

A section of the mob however didn’t advocate for the lynching of Rashid instead sought to ask him questions.

It was during the intense interrogation that the boy whose bum Rashid properly worked on confessed that he was a student in form two.

The Hotel manager was heard complaining that the gay driver soiled the bedding with faeces.

Video of the incident was shared online by many people including former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko who asked the society to decisively deal with homosexuality before it destroys accepted values.

“Usonga should be prohibited here in Kenya before it messes our young generation.

“So far I have only rewarded 96k to a group of 3 people who sent me a video of a male songa who was found red handed in a guest house having an affair with another man,” Sonko tweeted.

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