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Gay Chokuu: “Most Of Your Dads Are My Type, Keep Posting Them, Am Coming For Them”

Gay and LGBTQ activist, Mpenzi Chokuu says he’s coming for your dads and fathers.

Mpenzi Chokuu is a Kenyan fitness model and socialite who identifies as gay. Residing in Cologne, Germany, after being stigmatized in Kenya, he has undergone a trans-formative journey, embracing a feminine appearance that captivates many.

With a physique that combines masculine strength and feminine allure, Mpenzi Chokuu has garnered significant attention and a devoted following over time.

As a vocal and assertive LGBTQ advocate, he takes pride in sharing his online presence through photos, often showcasing himself in women’s clothing.

He regularly hits the gym to sculpt his physique, aiming to achieve a more feminine shape, particularly emphasizing his posterior.

Mpenzi ChokuuSocial media personality Mpenzi Chokuu has sparked heated conversation with his statement, “Most of your dads are my type, keep posting them, I’m coming for them.”

One of the key concerns with Mpenzi Chokuu’s statement is the lack of respect for personal boundaries to many of his fans and netizens across the internet.

Mpenzi Chokuu made it clear that he has no intentions of returning to Kenya but looks like he could actually have a change of mind and just show up.

During a Q&A session with his fans, one follower asked when he would be coming back to his home country, to which Chokuu responded firmly,

“That will never happen! I experienced unimaginable hardships in Kenya, akin to living in a personal hell. The pain I endured after losing my parents at the age of five, and later my siblings, is something I never wish to relive. I am grateful to be in Germany now.”

chokuuChokuu has previously shared his harrowing experience as a survivor of sexual abuse, an ordeal that left him deeply traumatized. In July 2018, he bravely disclosed the abuse he suffered as a young boy, saying,

“On a day like today, I was subjected to rape, verbal abuse, and ultimately thrown out of my uncle’s home. The very people I expected to protect me ridiculed and laughed at me!”

Presently, Chokuu’s relationship with his extended family remains strained, as they have disowned him.

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