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Formula One Superstar Lewis Hamilton Reveals How Trip To Kenya Changed His Life 

Lewis Hamilton silently jetted into Kenya and spent quality time with members of the Pokot community.

The Formula One driver only revealed he was in the country through a series of posts on his Instagram page.

“hank you to the wonderful people at the Reteti Animal Sanctuary for not only hosting us, but more importantly, dedicating their time to rescue, research and conservation. They’re the first indigenous, community owned and run sanctuary in Africa and the work they do for these animals should be an inspiration to us all.

“They take in orphaned animals who likely wouldn’t make it on their own and release them back into the wild when they’re strong enough. This was a truly centering experience, one that reinforces that we we all share this planet. We’re not above animals, we’re with them. More often, we’re guests in their homes. Every day in the motherland is more beautiful than the last. Much love, Kenya ??❤️,” Lewis Hamilton wrote.


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“I spent time with the Pokot people in Kenya and just to be in their presence was one thing… To be welcomed was something different entirely and a massive honour I don’t take lightly. The way I felt here is how I feel with my family back at home. We are all family, anyway. I’ll carry this experience, and all my other memories from Kenya and from this journey as a whole, in my heart forever,” he added.


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Besides Kenya, Lewis Hamilton also spent his summer break ‘tracing his roots’ in Rwanda, Namibia, and Tanzania.

Reflecting on his two-week trip, the 37-year racing driver said he is not the same man he was before.

Lewis Hamilton noted that he was able to connect with his ancestors.

“These past two weeks have been some of the best days of my entire life. I’m not the same man I was before this trip, all the beauty, love, and peacefulness I experienced has me feeling fully transformed.

“No amount of photos could capture how I’m feeling now and what I’m trying to say. Just know, where words fall short emotions run deep. I connected with my roots and my history and I feel my ancestors with me now stronger than I ever have before.

“Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania thank you. To the people here, the nature and the wildlife thank you. We were welcomed to each beautiful place we visited. We were treated like family. To my brothers who joined me on this journey, thank you. I know we’ll be talking about this forever,” Hamilton wrote.


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