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Former TV Girl Muthoni Mukiri Sparks Wild Reactions After She Is Seeing Moaning Continuously While Eating Cabbage

Former Inooro TV anchor Muthoni Mukiri has come out as a very naughty girl after she simulated sounds made during intense sexual activities.

Mukiri took to social media to give a demonstration of how she eats her vegetables this January, she eat cabbage and another traditional veggies.

However, the former Inooro TV anchor moaned loudly and continuously as she chewed on her vegetables.

“How am enjoying eating Kamande and cabbage ?..Njaanuary has introduced me to kamande. Sikujua ni tamu hivi??,” Muthoni Mukiri  captioned video of herself moaning as she ate vegetables.

Mukiri video attracted thousands of comments with many netizens claiming that someone was under the table giving her crazy CJ.




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