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Former News Anchor Robert Ouma Forced To Be Matatu Tout After Being Fired From Switch TV

Former Switch TV news anchor Robert Ouma lost his job in December 2021 and he quickly switched career from being a journalist to be a matatu tout.

Ouma was among dozens of Switch TV former employees who were laid off after the station changed its model of operations on December 31, 2021.

Switch TV made a radical change in its business model that saw it transition from on-air to digital broadcast.

The Red Cross-owned station ceased its on-air broadcast operations, a move that made Switch TV to lay off most of its employees.

In a statement dated December 10th 2021, the media group Chairman, Sahil Shah, stated that they will be focusing on the digital space.

Shah explained that Switch Media decided to fully transition to the audio-visual and digital space in line with market demands and that the media house will be building the new strategy around being ‘digital-first.

After being laid off by Switch TV, Robert Ouma quickly resorted to find an alternative source of income and he ended up in the matatu sector.

Ouma shared photos of his new workplace on Thursday, January 20th 2022 to the surprise of his followers.

He, however, revealed that he is content and happy with his new job stating, “an office is just a name, let’s work. Tout of the week. Rongai massive.”


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