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Excitement As Zuchu Showers Diamond Platnum’s Mom With Kisses And Money

Diamond Platnumz’s mother has flaunted a generous gift she received from Zuchu.

In a video shared on Mama Dangote’s Instagram page, she can be seen beaming with joy as Zuchu showers her with thousands of notes of money.

The singer, who has been rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Mama Dangote’s son, Diamond, presented the cash as a birthday gift ahead of Mama Dangote’s upcoming birthday celebration.

Zuchu can be heard expressing her well wishes to Mama Dangote, saying, “Happy birthday. I say let’s take care of you. We love you very much. Happy Birthday.”

With a warm smile on her face, Zuchu hands over the money to Mama Dangote, demonstrating her deep affection and appreciation for her.

The exchange is followed by an endearing moment where Zuchu affectionately kisses and embraces Mama Dangote while extending her wishes.

The video captures the undeniable bond between Zuchu and Mama Dangote, as they share a joyful and lighthearted moment together.

Diamond's Mom Refers Teddy Bear Gift From Zuchu As Her GranddaughterThis is not the first time that Zuchu has expressed her gratitude and admiration for Mama Dangote.

The talented musician has previously surprised Mama Dangote with thoughtful gifts, demonstrating her appreciation and respect for her as a mother figure and celebrating their bond.

The gesture from Zuchu serves highlights the warmth and acceptance that Zuchu has found within this close-knit circle.

Such displays of affection and generosity further fuel speculations about the nature of Zuchu’s relationship with Diamond.

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