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“Eve Mungai Hit Me With A Mwiko” Director Trevor Opens Up

Director Trevor has denied claims of ever assaulting his ex-girlfriend Mungai Eve, during the time they were in a relationship.

Instead, Trevor revealed that Eve was the one who assaulted, bruising his forehead. The photo of the incident went viral on social media a few weeks ago.

“Zii, nimekwambia hivi, Eve alienda kupeana tea kwa Edgar akitumia account ya beshte yake kujisafishia,”  he said during an interview with Iko Nini Podcast. “About hio mambo ya her being her irreplaceable.”

Director Trevor said that Eve’s move was intended to clean her name, after the photo of his bruised faced leaked online.

“Eve alikuwa amenigonga na mwiko so nilikuwa na bandage. Hio story ilikuwa inachoma ati ilikuwa dem akipiga boy hamwongeleangi,” the Kenya Online Media CEO said.

According to him, if it was him who had assaulted Eve, she could have provided evidence.

Director Trevor further said that Eve hit him over a very petty matter.

“It was just a petty thing. Not an important issue. After all I don’t want it to seem like I am painting her negatively. It already passed. It was something very small I was just using her charger and she was ‘ why are you using my charger’. She also took my phone and threw it away, it was just petty,” he narrated.

The incident happened at a time when they had already begun living separately after their low-key break up.

“The house was just like a change room. She was staying at her friends’ place, the same way I was also staying at my friends’ place. So I would come once in a while,” Trevor said.


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After partying ways, Eve recently launched her new YouTube account and featured Andrew Kibe as her first guest.

During the pioneer interview, Kibe also confronted her with questions about her break-up.

“Who was cheating was it you or him…I suspect you must be the one who was cheating,” Kibe posed.

“You might be wrong or right,” Eve dodged.

“Are you completely done with Trevor?” Kibe further questioned.

“Yeah, I mean we are,” Eve responded.

She also denied Trevor’s claims that they stopped seeing each other in February 2023.

“I don’t know, I believe he is in the best position to explain it since he is the one who said it. He has his reasons,” the YouTuber said.

Asked on why they split, Eve said, “Well I wouldn’t want to talk much about it but it is a whole lot of many things and it was meant to come to an end.”




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