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Eric Omondi Vindicated As Chantal’s Abusive Boyfriend Is Charged Before Kiambu Court 

Eric Omondi was accused of chasing clout after he actively pursued Nicola Traldi who abused Chantal Grazioli.

The comedian instructed Traldi to present himself to police for assaulting Chantal Grazioli and threatened to deal with him if he didn’t.

“If you are next to that Nicola guy or of you know him. Advise him to present himself to Thidigwa police station right away because if we come for him it will be ugly and messy for him. And he chose the wrong woman. Wacha alale ndani weekend yote. Na iwe funzo,” Eric Omondi wrote.

Many people believed that Eric was chasing clout with the Chantal assault story.

However, the comedian feels vindicated after Nicola Traldi was arrested and arraigned before a Kiambu court on Tuesday June 21.

Eric stressed he was could not seek cheap publicity with serious matters like murder, gender-based violence and matters children.

“Things like murder, things like gender-based violence anything to do with children those are out of hizi vitu munaita clout. And everything mi hufanya ni entertainment si clout. We are here to entertain Kenyans but when it comes to kitu ilihapenia Chantal si huyo boy ameshikwa sasa polisi pia wanachase clout?” Eric Omondi said.

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