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Emotional Video Of Samidoh Revealing How Edday Helped Him Touches Netizens

Samidoh narrates how Edday Nderitu helped and stood with him for over 10 years before fame and success.

In the viral video, Samidoh is in an interview with Churchill, the popular Kenyan comedian and TV host. The conversation took an unexpected turn as the singer opened up about his marriage and, in particular, his deep appreciation for his wife, Edday Nderitu, who has been a constant presence in his life for over a decade.

Although not together anymore, the video showcases a vulnerable and emotional side of Samidoh.

In it, he fondly recalled the journey of their relationship, which began during their secondary school days.

He says, “Urafiki yetu ilianza secondary school, nikaenda training, nayeye akaenda mambo zake Nakuru, tena after nimegradaute, tukaanza familia!” (Our friendship started in secondary school, I went for training, and she went to do her things in Nakuru. When I graduated, we started a family.”)

Edday NderituSamidoh has been in the spotlight for his romantic involvement with Karen Nyamu, with whom they have a family.

The public affair raised questions among fans about the state of his marriage to Edday as it’s been months since she relocated to the US with her kids.

From her social media pages, Edday has been sharing her new life in America, having landed a job and the kids already enrolled in school.

Some netizens encouraged him to reconcile with his wife and prioritize his family, while others expressed confusion and disappointment over his seemingly contradictory behavior.

The old video has sparked conversations about love, fidelity, and the importance of appreciating those who stand by us through thick and thin when success finally comes.

In this case, many people feel Edday was shortchanged after Samidoh became popular with his singing and music.

Samidoh Muchoki is a name that resonates deeply with fans of Mugithi, a genre that has captured the hearts of many across the country. His soulful tunes and lyrics have made him a household name.

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