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Edday Nderitu Faces Off With Karen Nyamu’s Fans who Tried To Intimidate Her

“Samidoh ako na side chicks wengi,” Edday Nderitu told Karen Nyamu’s fans who thought she was the only side chick.

The whole drama started after Karen Nyamu’s fans decided to intimidate Edday in her own post on Facebook.

One fan commenting on Edday’s post shared a photo of Karen Nyamu and bragged that they were ‘marking territory’.

“Team Karenzo marking our territory is our greatest achievement kwani ni kesho,” Cadinol Dunga Unuse commented on Edday’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Edday fired back at Cadinol Dunga Unuse saying that Karen Nyamu was not the only side chick in Samidoh’s life.

“Territory you say?? Ama ni territory ya kuwa side chick na venye mko wengi. Na kwani proof ni TBT photos,” Edday commented.

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