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“Ifikie Kibe” Diana Marua Forces Bahati To Wash The Dishes

“Bahati now understands how it feels to be the woman in the relationship!” Diana Marua says.

In their role play video, Diana Marua becomes the man of the house, as Bahati takes on being the woman. Diana Marua and her husband singer Bahati have been providing us with entertainment for quite some time now.

Interestingly, many people are grateful that Bahati decided to step away from making gospel music. Perhaps this is because one cannot preach one thing and do the opposite!

The ex-gospel singer has now become a daily source of entertainment and ridicule through Diana Marua’s YouTube show, which allows fans to stay updated on their family’s life.

The Bahatis have showcased their talent for acting, as clearly demonstrated in their latest episode, where role play is the focus story-line.

Bahati and Diana Marua’s acting recently have sparked some interesting discussions, particularly among individuals like Kibe, who hold a more traditional view of masculinity.

Some assert that Bahati is “under siege” for accepting a role that deviates from societal expectations of manhood.

This observation sheds light on the significant influence Diana holds within their marriage and the dynamics they share as a couple.

These conversations highlight the power of Diana’s impact on their relationship.

Diana Marua Offers Bahati Shoulder To Lean On After Crying Like A Difficult BabyBy encouraging Bahati to explore different roles and ventures, she challenges conventional norms and helps shape a more progressive and inclusive narrative.

It showcases their mutual support and willingness to challenge societal expectations, ultimately emphasizing the strength and influence of their partnership.

At the same time, it makes it understandable how both genders feel daily.


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