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Photos Of The Graciously Thin Woman Chris Brown And Usher Fought Over

Chris Brown gave Usher a bloodied nose as they fought over Teyana Taylor at a birthday party.

The two legendary singers were embroiled in a heated argument just moments after Usher sang Chris Brown a happy birthday at his roller skating event in Las Vegas.

Chris Brown was celebrating his 34th birthday surrounded by celebrity pals, including Usher while fellow singer Teyana Taylor is said to have crashed the party.

Teyana Taylor

According to TMZ, Chris Brown and Usher’s fight started over Teyana Taylor. Apparently, Breezy was upset at seeing Taylor at his party and wanted her to leave.

Their discord reportedly stemmed from Brown’s canceled performance at the 2022 American Music Awards back in November where he was scheduled to perform a Michael Jackson tribute.

Taylor was supposedly set to appear in the performance but backed out at the last minute due to other obligations. Ultimately, Brown felt that she was the main reason why his performance got canceled.

So when Chris Brown saw Taylor at his birthday party, he confronted her to air out his issues with her and then told her to leave.

According to reports, Taylor ignored Chris Brown and said he was “on one.”

Breezy became irate and allegedly verbally attacked her before Usher intervened, attempting to diffuse the situation and calm the ‘Loyal’ singer.

In a video shared by TMZ,  Chris can be seen in a heated argument with Usher.

While Breezy was said to have left the venue with his entourage, Usher also followed suit.

Sources at the scene claimed to have seen Usher go behind a string of charter buses that were parked outside and, after a short period of time, emerged with what appeared to be a bloodied nose.

Despite the alleged fight between the two singers, no police report has been filed and all three parties involved ‚Äď Teyana, Chris and Usher ‚Äď have yet to break their silence on social media.

It was initially reported that Chris Brown was ‚Äúnoticeably intoxicated‚ÄĚ when he had approached Teyana earlier in the evening, according to sources.


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