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Chipukeezy Expresses Regret For Fighting Prezzo Over A Woman In A Club 

Chipukeezy got into a fistfight with Prezzo after the rapper spanked his woman in a club.

Reflecting on the fight with Prezzo over the lady in a recent interview, Chipukeezy expressed regret at being manipulated by the forces of the industry.

He acknowledges the toll such manufactured drama has taken on his personal life and reputation.

“Right now at 33 years of age, as Chipukeezy when I look back and read things about myself, I just can’t comprehend. The narrative created and the industry controlled me. I now understand why for some reason my mum was always worried about my life as a comedian because it was so chaotic as the industry benefitted from the drama,” he said.

“What I didn’t know at the time because I was young in my 20s and naive and still fresh into the showbiz industry, is that Radio Africa was encouraging me to own up to this bad body image character brought forth by the scandal, something that I’m not,” Chipukeezy added.

In an interview on Iko Nini podcast, Chipukeezy gave details of how the fight with Prezzo ensued back in 2015.

“Mimi Chipukeezy nilikuwa karibu miaka 20 na nilikuwa naishi pale burubur… Mimi na mabeshe tulikuwa ndani ya ka gari yangu ndogo tukitafuta wasichana. Tukaendaa ka certain popular club coz mwenyewe alikuwa beshte yangu. Tuliingia tukapata club imejaa na Huddah alikuwa anahost ka party,” he said.

Chipukeezy recalled a commotio started after Prezzo spanked his woman.

“Sherehe imeshika tuko part nikapata dame. Tulikuwa tumemeet tu nikamshow akam club. Huyu dame kumbe alikuwa anajuana na huyu dame. Then Prezzo walks in alafu nikaskia ati amespank huyo dame.

“I was like bro heshima bwana. Mi huheshimu madame sana. I can fight if you hurt a woman around me. Ikavurugana na mwenye club akatuiza hiyo kitu down ikaisha. The next day nikajiona kwa gazeti….” he narrated.

The aftermath of the altercation saw local publications running stories about the clash between Chipukeezy and Prezzo.

“The next day morning gazeti ilikuwa imeeka picha yangu na ya huyo dem imesema Chipukeezy was fighting over a chips funga mathe akanicall akaniambia hapana sasa hapo imeenda sana hiyo tafadhali” he said.


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