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Black Cinderella Escapes Another Horrible Ordeal After Being Raped Twice

Nairobi Diaries actress Black Cinderella and her daughter escaped death after an intruder sneaked into their house and tried to hurt them.

The mother of one revealed that she found the intruder hiding under her bed while armed with a knife and a scissor.

“I should be dead today. My house was broken into and I found a man hiding under that bed with a knife and a scissor. Thank God for my brother, he was quick to notice someone was under the bed,” she wrote on Insta Stories.

The mother of one further said that the intruder poisoned her food and drinking water with insecticide called Promax 20 EC.

“This poison once you take it no hospital can neutralize you and imagine someone just poisoned my drinking water, my daughter’s cough syrup, my semo flour, my drinking medicine, and my bathing water. Pray for me you all. I am passing through a lot right now. But I choose to allow God to repay with his judgment.”

Following the incident, the former Nairobi Diaries actress reflected on some of the most horrible ordeals she has gone through in her life.

“I have been escaping death. Being chased by a knife, being held a machete, and I could not share it with the world because I was scared to be embarrassed. But if I don’t share my story when am still having a life how else will I help someone in need.

In November 2021, Black Cinderella opened up about being raped twice while speaking during an interview on Radio Jambo.

She told Massawe Japanni that she was first raped by a taxi driver when she was only 15 and most recently when she was pregnant with her daughter.

“I was five months pregnant and I had nowhere to sleep. I was sleeping at Jeevanjee gardens when I got raped. I had broken up with the governor and had returned his car and went to date my baby daddy. So I couldn’t ask him for help.

“My mum had nine kids and she was sick so I couldn’t go back to her place. I had friends but most had excuses whenever I asked for somewhere to sleep. One friend told me she could house my suitcase but she couldn’t house me. I had not exposed myself. I never thought anyone would want to rape a pregnant woman but it happened.”

“I went and got tested to ensure my baby and I were OK. That incident taught me a lot, I had been raped again. I was first raped at age 15 by a taxi driver. I had done a mistake in school and was given a suspension,” Black Cinderella narrated.

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