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Bernice Saroni Refuses To Confirm If Samidoh Is Her Cousin, Sets Record Straight About Sleeping With Him

“I don’t date small boys,” Bernice Saroni said after hanging out with Samidoh in Kenya.

Bernice and Samidoh recently set tongues wagging after they were spotted spending quality time together in Kenya.

After hanging out with Samidoh, some netizens suggested that the two could have a thing.

However, speaking during an interview with Plug TV, Bernice Saroni strongly denied she could date Samidoh.

“I don’t date married men na siekangi wanaume I date real men, I don’t date boys. Yeah I don’t date small boys,” she said.

Bernice Saroni nonetheless refused to confirm or deny that Samidoh and her are cousins, only insisting that they are family.

“Yes we are related. We are family. Wee jua tu we are family. Wee jua tu we are related, I have already answered you,” she said.


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