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“Heshimu Alaine Wewe!” Beef Erupts As Willy Paul Warns Butita Or It’ll Get Ugly

“It can get ugly if you don’t watch your mouth Butita!” Willy Paul tells Butita.

In the latest twist of celebrity drama, Kenyan musicians Willy Paul and Eddie Butita find themselves embroiled in a publicized feud that threatens to escalate into something uglier.

The controversy revolves around Willy Paul’s alleged involvement in damaging Jamaican singer Alaine’s career, a claim vehemently denied by Willy Paul.

The spat intensified when comedian Eddie Butita, in a video circulating on social media, suggested that music producer KRG the Don could potentially end dancehall artist Konshens’ career, drawing parallels to Willy Paul’s supposed actions with Alaine.

Butita went on to make startling allegations, claiming that Alaine, during her stay in Kenya, was spotted buying groceries, including sukuma wiki, in South C, insinuating a significant fall from grace.

Responding to the allegations, Willy Paul took to social media to issue a stern warning to Butita, cautioning him against spreading baseless rumors. In his message, Willy Paul emphasized the need for respect, especially towards women, urging Butita to refrain from making unfounded claims.

He reminded Butita of the success of the collaboration song “I Do” with Alaine, highlighting its enduring popularity and advising against dragging his name into unnecessary controversies.

Willy Paul’s warning to Butita carried a strong message, emphasizing that the situation could escalate beyond the realm of a mere verbal exchange. The singer expressed his displeasure at being dragged into unnecessary drama and sought to put an end to any further disrespectful remarks.

In response, Butita, seemingly unfazed, retorted with a dismissive comment, telling Willy Paul to cry if he wishes.

The exchange has left fans and onlookers anticipating the next developments in this unfolding celebrity drama, wondering whether this clash of personalities will escalate further or eventually simmer down.Willy Paul


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