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“Ata Mtu Sina” Crossdresser Kinuthia Speaks On Getting Pregnant 

Tok-Tok sensation Kelvin Kinuthia has set tongues wagging after he was prompted to talk about when he would get pregnant.

It all started after the crossdresser shared a video on his InstaStories expressing his sympathy for Diana Marua over what she went through at the theatre while giving birth.

One of his fans reacting to the video asked him when he would give birth.

“Na wewe utazaa lini?” The fan asked.

Without hesitating, Kinuthia said he was still too young to get pregnant. Further noting that he still didn’t have a man to knock him up.

“Mimi na miaka zangu 21 ata mtu sina, ata gari sina nguvu ya kupata mtoto natoa wapi weeh msinipe stress,” Kinuthia wrote.

N/B. Kinuthia is a man, he can’t get pregnant. The talks about him getting pregnant is just satirical.

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