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“Heshimu Baba” Angry Kenyans Go For Huddah As She Claims Ruto Is A President With Balls!

“Unajua kuhusu politics sasa kushinda vile unapanua miguu? Enda ukakojoe ulale,” Huddah Monroe faces the music as she compares Raila and President Ruto.

Kenya’s social media space has been set ablaze with heated debates and backlash after socialite Huddah Monroe expressed her support for President William Ruto’s leadership.

In controversial statements, she referred to Ruto as a “president with balls,” triggering anger and frustration among Kenyans who feel that such remarks are irresponsible and divisive.

Huddah’s comments come at a time when opposition leader Raila Odinga called for demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2023, which proposes tax increases during a period of economic hardships.

The once popular, now jaded socialite, known for her glamorous lifestyle and social media presence, Huddah Monroe has gradually evolved into a controversial figure, often making bold and attention-grabbing statements.

Her recent comments, praising President William Ruto’s vision and leadership qualities, have drawn fierce criticism from Kenyans who see her endorsement as misguided and uninformed.

Huddah argues that Ruto possesses a forward-thinking vision, capable of planning for the country’s future needs.

She questions the accomplishments of Raila Odinga, a veteran politician and leader of the opposition, by asking what developments he has brought to the nation.

These remarks have sparked outrage among Kenyans, with many dismissing Huddah’s claims as baseless and lacking factual substance.

Kenyans’ anger towards Huddah stems from several reasons. First and foremost, they believe that her endorsement of Ruto’s leadership lacks a solid foundation.

Many question Huddah’s expertise in political matters and argue that her fame as a socialite does not qualify her to make such sweeping judgments about national leadership.

Huddah’s comments have also been seen as an attempt to undermine Raila Odinga, a prominent figure in Kenyan politics, who has dedicated his career to fighting for democracy and advocating for change.

Raila’s call for demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2023, which proposes tax increases, is seen by many as a way to protect the interests of ordinary Kenyans who are already struggling to make ends meet.

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