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Amber Ray Causes A Stir Online After Posing Naked To Advertise Beauty Products(Photos)

Socialite Amber Ray has caused a stir online after unleashing her nude photos in a bid to promote a number of beauty products.

Amber took to Instagram and shared photos of herself with a towel partially covering her at the back as the beauty products were displayed before her.

She was advertising a soap, lotion and gel that help in preventing and getting rid of stretch marks.

“Irish moss! Irish moss has existed as a form of medicine in countries such as Ireland, Jamaica Scotland and many others for centuries!

“It is time for Kenya to have a taste of this beautiful sea weed with 92 of the 102 minerals that the human body consists of!
Introducing Ray irish moss lotion,soap and shower gel to help you get rid or prevent stretch mark! I believe that as entrepreneurs we must focus on offering the best and healthiest products in our market so let‚Äôs go!” read her caption

A section of her followers were however not pleased with her move with some wondering if her child was seeing her posts. Others however pitied her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo, who she is expecting a child with.

“Picha zingine na uko na watoto hapana,” one commented.

“Na si upost hiyo lotion pekee, k**a unatuonyesha ya nini,”said another.

“ukiamua kuoa socialite ni ngumu..either upatane nazo kwa gram..ama akuulize apost ganiūüėāūüėā..kupost nayo atapost,” read another comment.

Below are the photos that Amber shared with her followers.


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