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“He Didn’t Allow Me To Go Back” Akothee Recalls How Omondi Slept With Her On Their Second Date 

Akothee met Omondi on July 16, 2022, and on July 18th he was already eating her rosecoco.

The mother of five opened up about her relationship with Omosh on Sunday, July 16, 2023, as they celebrated their first dating anniversary.

Akothee said Omosh clang to her on their second date which sealed their fate as a couple.

“MY LOVE STORY 💝 On The 16th July 2022 I met my husband in Switzerland Zurich city on the lake of Zug. On the 18th July 2022 We had our second date in his city Bern on Murten sea. He didn’t allow me go back to my residence 🤣🤣🤣

“Stuck like glue. He accompanied me to Germany Dusseldorf where I had an aborted show. The promoter refused to pay the show balance because I showed up with a man he expected to see me alone 🤣🤣 therefore I dint hit the stage however the show was sold out,” Akothee wrote.

She said Omosh introduced her to his family on their third date before he went down on his knees and proposed to her.

“Our third date was on the mountains Denis Omondi spoilt me with Romance 🤣🤣 I forgot myself and he swept me off my feet
He then proposed me and ask if he could introduce me to his family. I said yes I am ready. We then drove to Italy and in his mother’s birthday he was proud to present his wife to be .

“On the 6th of August,I had 30 minutes of introducing myself to my mother in-law in German🤣🤣🤣🤣 ,I told her I am a mother of 5 strong with several failed relationship, but I want to try again 🤣🤣💪. Denis mom is sweet and quiet he has a calm family though not on social media, very private family.”

Akothee further reminisced how she returned to Kenya to make wedding preparations with most of her plans going awfully bad.

“September 1st my husband came to Kenya and wedding preparations was under way. It was supposed to be NYOMBO but things fall apart akeya we had a lot of changes ,Venues themes bla bla , it was not easy since it was a shock for everyone.

“The Name OMOSH came from me, I admire my husband’s morning routine and how he does his things, Omondi is the man I have always wanted to have, he is the male version of me when it comes to work 💪”

Akothee also reflected on the loss of her unborn child she was expecting with Omosh.

“On November 4th 2022 we were pronounced pregnant, the journey of parenting started. Mr Omosh named his baby Esedua
Omosh went back to his country to break the news to his family and came back on the 16th December 2022.

“On the 17th December we lost the pregnancy. The same his pigs were delivered. We had alot to deal with off cameras. Family feuds from my side , business, relationship, the upcoming wedding, the loss of our newborn baby and the dramatic online trolls ,blogs Fake stories etc.

“We are here to pronounce that it was A year of understanding what love had to offer . Happy anniversary my darling
I love you soo much.”


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