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8 performers arrested after complaining about Museveni’s long speech at a wedding

Eight artistes belonging to Ugandan group Crane Performers have been arrested after they were heard complaining about the president’s long speech at a wedding.

Crane Performers thrilled guests at the 50th marriage anniversary of former Uganda Minister Amama Mbabazi and his wife Jacquiline Mbabazi.

Museveni was the guest of honour at the event and he gave a very long boring speech that got the guests tired.

The Crane Performers were among those who grumbled over Museveni’s boring speech.

However, the artistes forgot to turn off their microphones after performing and were heard complaining about Museveni’s long speech.

The entertainers were heard saying that the Ugandan president was speaking too much and that he should end his speech.

Their utterances were picked in the hotel’s sound system and heard by majority of those attending the event.

Senior security officials at the event arrested the eight artists who were taken to a police station in Kampala where they were held and grilled.

The performers have been charged with insulting the president.

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