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Zari Hassan Asserts Right To A Second Husband Amid Marital Tensions With Shakib 

Ugandan entrepreneur Zari Hassan has stirred controversy with her recent statements on marital rights during a candid podcast with her husband, Shakib Lutaaya.

In their latest episode of Shakib & Zari TV, the couple delved into various aspects of their relationship, including the challenges posed by social media interactions and managing their marriage despite living apart.

The conversation turned intense when Zari confronted Shakib about other women showing interest in him, particularly in social settings like clubs.

Shakib denied any advances, prompting Zari to challenge him with evidence from his social media interactions.

“Why do you sound defensive? Why do you deny it? I’ve seen women hitting on you in DMs. You should acknowledge it,” Zari asserted, visibly upset by Shakib’s response.

Zari then brought up South African law, which permits polyandry, asserting her right to marry another man if Shakib were unfaithful.

“You’re committed to me for life. Tell those who flirt with you that you have a wife, and she’s protective. I might even joke about hiring someone to intervene. I’m unpredictable. You’ll be my last love and husband,” she declared, half-seriously adding, “Imagine me looking so graceful in a prison uniform. I’m that determined.”

While she clarified she wouldn’t resort to violence, Zari reiterated that she would consider marrying another man if Shakib continued to engage with other women.

“If you find someone else, I might just get a second husband,” she firmly stated.

Zari emphasized the emotional impact of infidelity on their relationship.

“It’s painful. If you don’t want me to react this way, then don’t give me a reason to,” she insisted.

Despite the dramatic exchange, Zari highlighted their enduring commitment despite the physical separation—she resides in South Africa while Shakib lives in Uganda.

Their relationship, she emphasized, thrives on mutual understanding and frequent travel to bridge the distance.

Zari’s outspoken statements have ignited debates online, with many applauding her assertiveness while others question the implications of her views on marriage and fidelity in contemporary relationships.

As discussions continue, Zari remains steadfast in asserting her boundaries and rights within her marriage.

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