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Why Actor Mr Ibu Was Buried In His Sitting Room 3 Months After His Death 

Nigerian comedian and actor John Okafor, affectionately known as Mr Ibu, was laid to rest on June 28, 2024, in a unique and heartfelt ceremony three months after his death.

The veteran Nollywood actor passed away on March 2nd at the age of 62 following a heart attack.

Mr Ibu’s poignant yet celebratory funeral was held in his hometown of Amuri, Nkanu West, in Enugu State.

The burial ceremony drew numerous well-known Nigerian celebrities as well as close friends and family members.

Videos circulating on social media captured Mr Ibu’s body arriving in Enugu for the final rites, accompanied by his family, including his son.

Contrary to typical funeral customs, the hearse did not proceed to a cemetery. Instead, Mr Ibu was interred at his home, with mourners digging a grave in the center of his sitting room.

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According to family, Mr Ibu was buried at the center of his sitting room to keep guard of his homestead.

In April, Mr Ibu’s elder brother, Sunday Okafor, told The La Nouvelle Tribune that the family deliberately delayed the actor’s funeral to ensure they could offer a tribute befitting his status as a cinematic icon.

He emphasized that this decision was about celebrating Mr Ibu’s life rather than hastily bidding him farewell.

According to The Guardian Nigeria, there is no cultural significance to the delays or prolonged preparations for funerals. In some communities or villages, particularly in the southeast, the approval date for the burial must be given by the members.

Various groups and societies may also impose demands that must be met before the burial can proceed.

Sometimes, families themselves complicate the process by trying to outdo others in how they bury their loved ones, often waiting until they have constructed or renovated their homes before proceeding with the burial.

The scale of Igbo funerals depends on the age grade or the deceased’s position within their community.

The Igbo tribe, to which Mr Ibu belonged, has a tradition known as ‘Ikwa ozu’—a second burial ceremony that can take place anytime from weeks to a year after the first burial.

According to Igbo customs, this ceremony is essential for initiating the deceased into the group of their ancestors. Without it, they believe the deceased will not be accepted by their ancestors.

Mr Ibu’s funeral, held in his own home, reflects the deep respect and love his family and community had for him, honoring his life and legacy in a deeply personal and culturally significant manner.

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