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“We Suspect It’s Hit And Run Accident” Comedian Onjiri Speaks On Fred Omondi’s Death 

Comedian and content creator Fred Omondi tragically lost his life in a road accident early Saturday morning, June 15, 2024, in Nairobi.

His brother, Eric Omondi, confirmed the heartbreaking news through a social media post, sharing a poignant video of them together.

“Go well brother💔🕊 @fredomondi_,” Eric Omondi wrote, expressing his grief.


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Fellow comedian Onjiri spoke to the media outside Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, revealing that he learned of Fred’s death through their WhatsApp group.

“Niliskia kwa WhatsApp group yetu nkauliza ako wapi nkaambiwa anaweza kua ameletwa Mama Lucy so nkakimbia Mama Lucy na kufika hapa ukweli nimeambiwa ako huku, ameletwa uku amepata accident,” Onjiri said during an interview with Jalang’o TV, describing his frantic efforts to reach the hospital.

Details of the accident remain unclear.

Onjiri recounted that a doctor at Mama Lucy Hospital informed him Fred had arrived at the facility in critical condition following the accident.

“Nimeongea na one of the doctors in here amesema aliletwa hapa na venye aliletwa amepata accident inakaa either ni hit and run ama alikua kwa piki piki akagongwa through that impact kwa sababu they say it is a fatal impact. It is a very very big impact. So inaweza kua ni hit and run ama inaweza kua ni accident ya piki piki,” Onjiri explained, suggesting the accident might have been a hit-and-run or a motorcycle collision.

The loss of Fred Omondi has sent shockwaves through the entertainment community, with friends and fans mourning the untimely death of the beloved comedian.


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