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“You Criticized Her for Dating Wababa, Married Men” Vera Sidika Defends Betty Kyallo’s Younger Lover

In a show of solidarity, socialite Vera Sidika has come out in defense of media personality Betty Kyallo, who recently revealed her relationship with a younger man.

Sidika’s comments come after Kyallo faced criticism from the public for her choice of partner.

Taking to Instagram, Sidika expressed her frustration over the public’s double standards.

She noted that the same people who chastised Kyallo for dating older, married men are now criticizing her for dating a younger man.

“Give Betty a break!! When she dated older men y’all were busy saying shame on her for messing with wababa and married men. Now dating a young guy it’s a problem. Eeeeh human beings. Let a girl be happy,” Vera wrote.


Betty Kyallo, a 35-year-old mother of one, made her relationship public on June 13, 2024, as she celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday.

After months of keeping her younger beau out of the public eye, she shared heartfelt messages on social media.

“Happy birthday baby. More laughs, more happiness, more hugs, more babies, more us. This is it,” Kyallo wrote. “In it to win it. Happy birthday,” she added.

Addressing her critics directly, Kyallo emphasized that she has found the right partner and is unbothered by negative opinions. “God sent me the right one. All of you guys can be angry,” she wrote.

The public reaction to Kyallo’s relationship highlights ongoing societal debates about age and relationships, especially when it comes to women dating younger men.

Sidika’s support underscores the importance of allowing individuals to pursue happiness without undue judgment.

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