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“There Is A Lot Of Suspicion Surrounding His Death” Eric Omondi Doubts If His Brother’s Demise Was Caused By Accident 

Eric Omondi has explained his decision to continue protesting against the 2024 Finance Bill, despite the recent and tragic death of his brother, Fred Omondi.

Speaking last weekend, Omondi voiced suspicions about the circumstances of his younger brother’s death.

He suggested that the timing of the accident, during a critical week when he was actively opposing the Finance Bill, was too coincidental to ignore.

“There are people criticizing me for protesting while mourning my brother, but there’s a lot of suspicion surrounding his death. This is the week the Finance Bill is being passed, and suddenly my brother dies in what they call an accident? And where is the boda boda rider? The bike was found with blood, but the rider is missing,” Omondi said.

Omondi questioned how his brother could have died in the accident while the motorcycle rider survived. He hinted that the incident might have been staged to deter him from leading the protests.

Despite these suspicions, Omondi emphasized that he does not want to jump to conclusions about his brother’s death. He acknowledged that the truth might take time to emerge, even over a year.

“I don’t want to speculate too much because losing my brother is already a heavy burden. The truth can sometimes take time to reveal itself, maybe even over a year. But if there was an intention behind his death to divert me from protesting, then Fred’s loss won’t be in vain. That’s why I rode a horse to Parliament,” he stated.

Omondi also addressed rumors about the motorcyclist’s death shortly after the accident. He noted that he has not been able to find anyone to confirm these rumors or direct him to the motorcyclist’s family.

“I’ve heard rumors that the motorcyclist also died, but I haven’t found anyone to confirm this or direct me to his family or where his body is. We know Fred is in Chiromo, but where is the driver? If he truly died, why hasn’t anyone come forward?” he questioned.

Despite his grief, Omondi remains determined to oppose the Finance Bill, insisting that his brother’s death will not deter him from fighting for what he believes is right.

“If they thought losing Fred would stop me, they are wrong. I will continue to protest and seek the truth, for Fred and for all Kenyans affected by this bill,” he concluded.

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