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The Dark Side of Fame: Akothee Opens Up About Her Struggles With Loneliness, Exploitation

Akothee has opened up about the often-overlooked challenges of her stardom.

Despite her immense success, Akothee has admitted to experiencing profound loneliness, to the extent that she has moved in with relatives for companionship.

In an emotional Facebook post, the musician-cum-businesswoman revealed the personal toll of her celebrity lifestyle.

“It gets so lonely being a star,” she confessed. “Believe me, sometimes I miss taking a matatu without being watched. It has become so lonely that I moved into my sister-in-law’s and my children’s houses.”

Akothee expressed her fatigue and yearning for simple human connection.

“Sometimes I wonder why I pay fees or raise children that I did not give birth to as well. If you can still see my posts, just write amen. I feel tired and exhausted. I don’t need anything but a hug.”

The star also touched on her frustrations with the Akothee Foundation, her charity organization, which she claims some individuals exploit.

“Akothee Foundation has no sponsors or donors. It relies completely on the Akothee brand and Esther Akoth Kokeyo and a few well-wishers who come in now and then,” she explained.

She lamented that some people use the foundation to hurt her, taking advantage of her vulnerability.

“Why do people use the Akothee Foundation to hurt and try to harm me? Why do people use the Akothee Foundation as a platform to communicate with me, and when things don’t go their way, they use that opportunity to hurt me?

“I never knew that giving could make someone feel empty. I am learning and unlearning. May God give me the strength to continue.”

Akothee also addressed the sense of entitlement she encounters from those seeking help.

“My children finished school years ago, and the younger ones are well taken care of in Europe. So why is my DM full of people needing help, who later develop a sense of entitlement?

“Why do people pretend to support the foundation, only to become exploitative? We don’t have givers; we have clout chasers. I have been going through a lot of recent emotions and I don’t think I need this.”

Due to the emotional strain and challenges she faces, Akothee hinted at taking a break for an undisclosed period.

This time off would presumably help her find some relief and recuperate from the ongoing pressures.

Akothee’s candid revelations provide a rare glimpse into the hidden struggles of a public figure.

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