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“Nimekaa Miezi Kumi Bila Kufanya,” Simple Boy Says He Is Waiting For Betty Kyallo To End His Celibacy

Stevo Simple Boy has exuded confidence that Betty Kyallo will agree to be his girlfriend and ultimately end his 10-month dry spell.

The rapper recently went on a date with Betty Kyallo after publicly declaring his romantic interest in her.

Speaking during an interview with YouTube Presenter Ali, Simple Boy said he would only end his celibacy once he is dating Betty Kyallo.

“Sahi ni miezi kumi,” Simple Boy responded when asked how long he has been celibate.

The further disclosed that he has been able to steer clear of all sexual activities for 10 months and would go longer if need be.

“Mimi nko tafauti na wanaume wengine. Wanaume wengine wanasema ‘ahh mimi siwezi kukaa bila bibi mbaka nifanye usharati kidogo’. Hapana hii kitu ni kuvumilia, wee kua na subira utapata ubavu wako,” he said.

Stevo Simple Boy additionally claimed that he spent about Ksh200,000 to fund his date with Betty Kyallo.

“Half coat, shati na longi zilicost laki moja na ishirini na tano. Viatu ilinigharimu karibu 40k,” he said.

The rapper added that Betty Kyallo has not accepted or rejected his romantic advances on her but promised to give him feedback at a later date.

“Bado nasubiri majibu ya Betty. Nimekaa kwenye fence. Betty akijibu basi mtaona kwa mtendao,” Stevo said.

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