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“Sign The Divorce Paper” Bernice Saroni’s Cryptic Post Sparks Concerns She’s Misadvising Edday

Bernice Saroni recently shared a mysterious message on her Instagram account that has ignited a wave of speculation among her followers.

In the post, Bernice stated, “Goat wife… sign the divorce paper, peace is paramount, then come back. The best revenge is being a side chick to your ex-husband alafu game inakuwa draw.”

Accompanied by the hashtags #productofgrace and #mamakeboyz, the message has led to a flurry of interpretations and reactions from her audience.

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Some people speculated that Bernice could be advising her friend Edday Nderitu to officially divorce her polygamous husband Samidoh who is also involved with Karen Nyamu.

Bernice, a mother of four boys, is strongly opposed to polygamy.

The US-based businesswoman hosted Edday and her kids when she fled Kenya following Samidoh’s romantic escapades with Karen Nyamu.

Bernice Saroni is on record warning women against polygamy, insisting that it is not an option women should consider.

Saroni, through a series of posts on TikTok last year, narrated how she resisted polygamy when her ex-husband wanted to marry another woman.

She advised women to leave their marriages in the event that their husbands marry other women.

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