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Shakib Addresses Claims Of Having Affair With Zari While She Was Still Married To Her Late Husband

Shakib Cham Lutaaya has finally spoken out about the swirling rumors regarding his past with Zari Hassan’s late husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

Rumours have it that Shakib was working for the late Ivan and that he was sleeping with Zari behind his boss’ back.

However, in a candid discussion on his YouTube channel, Zari&ShakibTV, Shakib set the record straight, vehemently denying that he ever worked as a servant for the late Ssemwanga.

“It’s a lie, those are just stories. I never worked for the late Ivan [Ssemwanga]. In my life, I have never worked as a farm boy. I am very smart, and there are certain things I can never do,” he declared.

Shakib, who has been the subject of these persistent rumors for years, explained that he first met Ssemwanga in South Africa, purely on social terms.

The hunky celeb also addressed an old photograph that shows him as a young man alongside Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz and the late Ssemwanga.

Shakib Cham Lutaaya and Ivan Ssemwanga

According to Shakib, the picture was taken during his time working at a company in South Africa, where Diamond was invited to perform.

“The pictures are real, not photoshopped. They were taken several years ago. You know Diamond is a celebrity. While in South Africa, there was a time I was working for a certain company and Diamond was invited to perform at our company, so I decided to take a picture with him as his fan,” he said.

“At that time, he hadn’t even started dating my wife [Zari],” Shakib added, dismissing any notions of a prior connection through Zari.

In clearing up the speculation about his relationship with Ssemwanga, Shakib explained that Ssemwanga was a well-known figure and chairman of Ugandans living in South Africa, which naturally led to their acquaintance.

Shakib’s revelations provide a fresh perspective on his past and his connections, putting to rest long-standing rumors and cementing his narrative as one of personal integrity and forthrightness.

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