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Samidoh Cheki! Edday Nderitu Says Her Kids Are Glowing In America

Seems like Edday Nderitu and her kids are doing much better in the US.

The estranged wife of Mugithi star Samidoh Muchoki, has shared a heartwarming photo of her family, showcasing their remarkable transformation since their move to the United States. Edday Nderitu posed for a photo with her three children, Shirleen, Michael, and Nimo, standing in front of a towering building while the sun cast a radiant glow on their faces. “Kuna vile jua ya hapa inachoma differently” (The sun here shines differently), she wrote.

This beautiful snapshot has captured the attention and admiration of netizens, who couldn’t help but notice the newfound radiance that Edday and her children are exuding since their relocation to the United States. Edday’s warmth as a mother and her dedication to her children are receiving well-deserved praise from fans and followers alike.

Edday Nderitu has warmed the hearts of many with her recent post, offering a glimpse into the transformation her young family has undergone just five months after their move to the United States.

The journey from Kenya to America has evidently brought about not just physical changes but also a visible glow of happiness on the faces of Edday’s children.

In the heartwarming photo, the family appears content and full of joy, signifying their adjustment to the new chapter in their lives.

Since the relocation of his first family months ago, Samidoh Muchoki has not been known to visit them. Instead, he has been spending the majority of his time with his baby mama, Karen Nyamu, and their two children.

The situation has raised questions and concerns among fans and observers, sparking discussions about co-parenting dynamics and family responsibilities.

Edday Nderitu’s journey in the United States, as documented through her social media, is an inspiring story of resilience, hope, and the enduring bond between a mother and her children.

While challenges may arise, her determination to provide a better life for her family is evident in the smiles of her children.

As the sun continues to shine differently on Edday Nderitu and her family in America, her pursuit of happiness remains paramount as she says, nothing but prayers!

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