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Ruto Must Still Go, He Can’t Fool Us By Declining To Sign Finance Bill Yet He Killed Protesters

In a fervent social media post, prominent Kenyan influencer Diana Marua has called for the continuation of street protests aimed at ousting President William Ruto, despite his recent refusal to sign the controversial Finance Bill 2024 into law.

Marua cautioned her fellow Kenyans against being swayed by Ruto’s latest move, insisting that the fight to liberate Kenya must persist.

She highlighted the tragic loss of lives during the protests and argued that the president’s decision does not absolve him of responsibility.

“Stay woke!!! Justice to our fallen soldiers. Operation Ruto must go! Don’t be blinded! No one will wipe the tears of the ones who’ve lost their children. The pain will be relieved forever! RUTO MUST GO!” Marua wrote.

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President Ruto’s decision not to sign Finance Bill to law came in the wake of deadly protests on Tuesday, June 25, which saw demonstrators breach the Parliament building for the first time in Kenyan history.

In a televised address on Wednesday June 26, 2024, flanked by ruling party MPs who had supported the bill, Ruto expressed his condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and explained his decision.

“Following the passage of the Bill, the country witnessed widespread expression of dissatisfaction with the Bill as passed, regrettably resulting in the loss of life, destruction of property and desecration of constitutional institutions.

“I send condolences to the families of those who lost their loved ones in this unfortunate manner. Consequently, having reflected on the continuing conversation around the content of the Finance Bill, 2024, I will decline to assent to the Bill,” Ruto stated.

Ruto proposed a 14-day multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder engagement to address the concerns surrounding the bill and related issues such as austerity measures and the fight against corruption.

He also announced immediate budget cuts for the presidency and the entire executive arm of government, recommending similar measures for the judiciary, parliament, and county governments.

Marua’s call to action underscores the persistent dissatisfaction among segments of the Kenyan populace, even as the government seeks to navigate the contentious issue.

Her appeal reflects a broader sentiment of distrust and the demand for accountability and justice, especially in light of the lives lost during the protests.

The ongoing unrest highlights the significant challenges facing the Ruto administration as it attempts to address public grievances and restore stability in the country.

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