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“He Is The Worst Of Them All” Rapcha Slams Jalang’o For Being The Greediest MP In Parliament

“Jalang’o has zero principles and can do anything for money,” Rapcha lamented.

Media personality and podcaster Francis Kibe, popularly known as Rapcha the Sayantist, condemned first-time MP Phelix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o after a series of betrayals.

Jalang’o first betrayed the party that sponsored him to Parliament ODM and its leader Raila Odinga when he quickly shifted allegiance after the August 9, 2022, general election.

The Lang’ata MP is now aligned with Kenya Kwanza.

Jalang’o recently betrayed the youth and fellow entertainers when he supported the controversial Finance Bill 2023 that imposed tax on digital content creators.

In a YouTube video, Jalang’o criticized content creators for their opposition to the digital tax outlined in the Finance Bill 2023.

Media personality Rapcha the Sayantist had enough of Jalang’o’s nauseating betrayal and greed and decided to blast him.

Rapcha said Jalang’o is the greediest entertainer ever elected in Parliament as he can do anything for money.

“There have been a couple of Kenyan entertainers elected to parliament, but so far Jalang’o is the worst of them all. Dude has zero principles and can do anything for a dollar. If there will be a man needed by this government to pin down Kenyan entertainers, then this is the guy,” Rapcha tweeted.


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