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Photos Of Esma Platnumz’s Ben 10 Driving Her Crazy With Love

“Kibenten changu, hana hela, msituombee kuachana maana tumelishana yamini,” Diamond’s sister, Esma Platnumz announces.

Esma Platnumz has confessed that her new partner has ignited a whirlwind of emotions within her and she’s madly in love.

She further reveals that her newfound love is none other than the manager of Tanzanian artiste Mavokali, Jembe One.

In a heartfelt post shared on her Instagram stories, Esma claims that her new lover must have woven a bewitching spell, for he has stirred a captivating madness within her soul as many forecast they would break up.

“Mrs Rasheed anasherekea kutimiza miezi miwili na mpenzi wake Sitaki nishauriwe hata na ndugu Mmakonde wangu ndo nishampenda na nazaa nae Inshallah…” She prays.

“Kibenten changu, hana hela wangu sijamuomba mtu pesa mnikome wenyewe tunajua tunavyoishi Nampenda na natamba nae sina wa kushare nae sijamkuta na mke nimemkuta yupo Singaliii na stress zake za kuachwa na mimi na zangu tukachanganya tukapata True Love la kimakonde na la kimanyema raha tuu 👌🤣,” Esma tells off naysayers.

She also adds that they’ve done so much already as lovers, “Kifupi msituombee kuachana maana tumelishana Yamini!”

Esma is over the moon for months now.

"I Don't Involve Myself His Women" Esma Tired Of Defending Diamond After He Impregnates EmployeeVia Instagram, she says,”Ila Mapenzi raha nyie hasa mkipendana kiukweliii… basi waliokuwa singeli mapovu sasa mtanisamehe ndugu zangu mimi mapenzi ya kujificha siyawezi jamani akaa chakufia… 😍!”

(Oh, the bliss of love, especially when it is embraced with utmost sincerity… Forgive me, my dear brothers and sisters, for those who were once envious of our passionate connection. I cannot conceal these feelings of love, no matter the consequences. I am willing to face any challenge that may arise, for love should never be hidden away in secrecy).


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