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Peter Salasya Falls In Love With Citizen TV Host Azeezah Hashim

The search for a wife for Mumias East MP Peter Salasya might soon come to an end as he has spotted a potential ‘candidate’.

Salasya expressed love and admiration for Citizen TV Host Azeezah Hashim, admitting that he couldn’t stop watching her video.

“I loved this. I have watched it severally. Ati mlisema anaitwa nani?” he sort for help from his fans to be sure of her identity.

In the video, Azeezah was saying that she was getting old yet no man was marrying her.

“Nazeeka I swear, hamnioi? Nitoe soko,” the 10 0ver 10 host told journalist Silva Kiddo.

Reacting to Salasya’s Instagram post, one of his followers however warned him that Azeezah wouldn’t go to live in his rural home as he wishes his wife to.

Others however confirmed that Salasya was indeed lonely considering that he shared the video very late at night.

Azeezah recently made headlines when she admitted that she wouldn’t mind being a second wife. According to her, she would prefer her man to be with her co-wife instead of being stressed about his whereabouts, because the media industry already has enough stress.

She also shared some of the qualities of her ideal man.

“You must be hardworking, lazima uwe a very calm man, ana na pesa zake,” She said. “He should be a car owner, we cant all use motorbikes. I need someone who inspires me. Not someone we fall in the same class with,” Azeezah said.

She also noted that her religion allows men to have multiple wives.

Salasya on the other hand is on record saying that he would marry two wives. In one occasion, he said that his ideal woman should be a virgin and submissive. Aside from that she should be willing to live in the village.

Recently, he said that the woman should also be a good cook.

“Also, I dont want someone violent. Nikimkosea heri aninyamazie lakinini asinieke kofi. Asinipigie kelele. Wa kunipimia ntamhepa. Apende nyumbani. Apike vitu za kienyeji tu kama mrere, kunde na sukuma na vitu kama managu na samaki,” he said.

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