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“Ona Bila Akili Kinakuramba” Pritty Vishy Mocks Stevo Simple Boy

Pritty Vishy has reacted after her ex boyfriend Stevo simple Boy claimed that his immediate former management is still withholding his social media accounts.

Taking to her Insta stories, Pritty vishy said that she has never allowed her management to have access to her social media pages.

She added that Stevo was in trouble now because he has no brains.

“I have been managed with three people so far and now I am alone. In my management never have I ever given my management access to my pages. I run them alone. Sasa ona bila akili kinakuramba juu hauna buruweins,” the content creator said.

Pritty Vishy further revealed that she fell out with two of her managements because of the managing accounts issue.

“And by the way in the managements mbili tulikosana coz walitaka kurun all my accounts and I totally refused. Coz when we kosonad one went to the media saying that he made me. Aah kijana how did you make me and I have been working on my small brand alone. Imagine kama ningempea sahi ningekuwa nimeanza afresh, “she said urging celebrities and content creators against surrendering their pages to their management.

” Never and I repeat never give the management your pages ati they are running them for you because you are a celebrity. Mmh kitakuramba utaanza afresh,” Pritty Vishy added.

During an interview with TV 47, Stevo revealed that Men In Business was yet to surrender his social media account.

“My former manager has not given back my social media accounts. Now I will have to take hin to court because its affecting me. If I were to release music today where will I post,” the rapper said.


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