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Okari Ako Wapi? Betty Kyallo’s 26-Year-Old Boyfriend Steps In To Raise Her Daughter Ivanna

Just weeks after Betty Kyallo and her boyfriend Charlie Jones went public with their relationship, Jones has demonstrated his deep commitment to her life, including embracing her 10-year-old daughter, Ivanna Okari.

Charlie Jones, 26, has seamlessly integrated into the family, taking on stepfather duties with enthusiasm.

Recently, he shared a glimpse of this on his Instagram stories, posting a photo of himself assisting Ivanna with her CBC assignment.

The image showed Jones crafting something with a silver container and sticks, while Ivanna sat nearby, keenly observing his efforts.

Jones expressed his enjoyment of the moment by captioning one of the photos, “CBC 123s.” This sweet display of involvement highlights his dedication to being a positive presence in Ivanna’s life.


Ivanna’s biological father is Dennis Okari, a renowned journalist in Kenya. Okari and Kyallo were married after a period of dating, and Ivanna was born in June 2014. However, their marriage was short-lived, ending in 2016, just six months after their wedding. Despite the split, Okari and Kyallo have maintained a co-parenting relationship to raise their daughter.

The evolving family dynamic showcases Jones’s willingness to embrace his role in Ivanna’s life, reinforcing the bond he shares with Kyallo. His involvement signifies a harmonious integration into the family, providing a supportive environment for Ivanna as they continue to build their relationship.


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